Mobile is the Future of Commerce

A single image is a powerful and yet largely underestimated tool. Especially in terms of product discovery, brands and retailers often overlook the amount of influence visual content has on shoppers. This is why there is still a gap between images and a smooth way of shopping the products in images.

Images are notably prevalent on mobile devices. Smartphones are cameras and search tools. They are storage devices and, thanks to Instagram, Pinterest and the like, paths to inspiration and product discovery. Mobile phone usage is growing exponentially, as is mobile commerce: Of the $526 billion in eCommerce sales predicted for 2018, nearly 40% are forecasted to take place on a smartphone. It’s only a matter of time until transactions take place almost exclusively on mobile devices.

Images are the most powerful tool for brands and retailers. As soon as they learn to harness and capitalize on the power of visual content, they’ll be joining companies like Zalando, Bonprix and Nelly, who are already using images and Visual Search as a way to connect shoppers with their products.

mobile commerce future of commerce retail visual search
Many reports indicate that mobile commerce will be a prevalent mode of shopping in the future.