Automatic Product Tagging API

Recognise products in images and automatically tag them with their most specific attributes and features.

Product Tagging API

Built On State-Of-The-Art FASHWELL Machine Learning

Woman in a sea green floral dress and example product tags

Attribute Tagging

FASHWELL’s automatic product tagging recognizes every product in an image and all category specific attributes in real time. Over 600 labels of product details and stylistic tags to enhance meta data, improve taxonomy and overall image classification.

Our proprietary training data allows for any image type to be tagged with relevant labels and tags with the deepest level of 100% technology driven product understanding. 


FASHWELL’s technology goes deep into product taxonomy and categorization. Add over 300 fine-grained categories to any fashion garment, accessory or furniture piece. 

Enrich product feeds with more detailed taxonomy and allow products to be more easily discovered through search.

Green armchair and example categorization
Product Detection and Mapping

Object Location

Detect and localize multiple products in images with confidence. From the smallest accessories to large garments, FASHWELL’s technology returns with speed and precision the product location.

Whether a product image, real room image or user photograph, object location can recognize fashion and furniture products and extract product data.

Why Fashwell?

Industry Expertise

A deep focus on fashion and home & living products allows for the highest level of product understanding and precision.

Market Leader

Rooted in technology for over 5 years & working with leading eCommerce companies to produce only the best.

Universal Usecases

Product feed creation, SEO & text search are only a few of the use cases powered by product tagging.

We Believe In Numbers

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1 ms
Classification Time
1 M
Indexed Products