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What Is Visual Search?

Visual Search, also known as “search by image”, allows shoppers to search for products without words. 
It’s placing an image into the search bar and getting from inspiration to checkout in a matter of seconds.

White shoe with search bar below

Search And Shop By Image

FASHWELL’s Visual Search is a search by image solution that we distribute through a flexible API. Add a camera icon to every search bar & allow your customers to shop with any image on your mobile applications and website. 

Visual Search improves search success and prevents shop drop-offs, and it’s 2x faster than text-based searches – leading to 35% m-o-m growth in usage, higher than any other user channel.

Image Tagging

Make any image instantly shoppable with Visual Search technology. Add inspirational content and auto-tag every image with speed, precision and at scale. 

Mobile phone with app showing man jumping.

Why Fashwell?

Industry Expertise

A deep focus on fashion and home & living products allows for the highest level of product understanding and precision.

Market Leader

Rooted in technology for over 5 years & working with leading eCommerce companies to produce only the best.

Universal Usecases

Image search, snap & shop and image analytics are only a few of the use cases powered by Fashwell Visual Search.